Arbeitsgruppe Stadt- und Bevölkerungsgeographie


Neue Publikation von Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn erschienen


  • Wehrhahn, R., Pohlan, J., Hannemann, C., Othengrafen, F., Schmidt-Lauber, B. (Eds.) (2019): Housing and Housing Politics in European Metropolises. Jahrbuch Stadtregion 2017/2018. Springer: Wiesbaden.  Link
  • Neoliberal paradigms and the privatisation of housing have recently been confronted with social movements in many large European metropolises. The political and social need for more participation in housing, for new forms of urban land politics and for specific and powerful rental regulation is obvious. The special book section analyses these dimensions of housing and housing politics in a comparative European perspective and discusses new policy approaches for urban housing. Furthermore, the Jahrbuch StadtRegionoffers scientific articles and reports, as well as a monitoring section and book reviews related to interdisciplinary urban research and planning issues.
  JahrbuchStadtRegion 2017/18

Neue Publikation von Sören Weißermel erschienen


  • Weißermel, S. (2019): Die Aushandlung von Enteignung - Der Kampf um Anerkennung und Öffentlichkeit im Rahmen des Staudammbaus Belo Monte, Brasilien. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag (Reihe: Erdkundliches Wissen, Band 163). Link

Zwei neue Publikationen erschienen in Urban Geography und in Urban Studies


  • Liao, K., Breitung, W. und R. Wehrhahn (2018): Debordering and rebordering in residential borderlands of suburban Guangzhou. In: Urban Geography, Link
  • Liao, K., Wehrhahn, R. and W. Breitung (2018): Urban planners and the production of gated communities in China: A structure agency approach. In: Urban Studies, Link