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Call for Participation - Symposium Paris 2016


International Symposium „Urban Dynamics: Global Perspectives for Socio-Cultural Urban Management“
Paris, March 15-19 2016

Cities have always been a primary destination where different cultures meet, interact, and – on occasion – come into social conflict. Yet “urban laboratories” have also given rise to creative activity and political reform movements. Currently, our urban societies are confronted by different challenges: the trend toward urbanization continues unabated; economic crises have increased the risk of social dislocation; and political and economic factors have given rise to increasing migratory movements that are generating heterogeneous spaces. In light of the foregoing, at the Symposium international and local experts from science and practice, together with postgraduate students will discuss the social and cultural challenges of our cities of tomorrow. The Symposium will be held in the frame of the Erasmus+ Postgraduate Training Program “Urban Dynamics”.

 CFP_Symposium Paris 2016