Arbeitsgruppe Stadt- und Bevölkerungsgeographie

Bercht, A. L. (2014): Rezension zu Schmidt-Kallert, E. und P. Franke (2013): Livelihood Strategies of Multi-Locational Households in the People’s Republic of China

Bercht, A. L. 2014. Rezension zu Schmidt-Kallert... GZ.pdf PDF document, 193 KB

Bercht, A. L. und N. Wijermans (2018): Mind the mind: How to effectively communicate about cognition in social-ecological systems research

2018 Ambio_Mind the mind.pdf PDF document, 903 KB

2019 Kraas et al._Megacities - Megachallenge. Informal Dynamics of Global Change. Insides from Dhaka, Bangladesh and Pearl River Delta, China

2RZLBV~4.PDF PDF document, 12.19 MB