Urban and Population Geography working group

Interplay between area-based security policies and daily security practices in São Paulo, Brazil

  In residential areas of the broader Brazilian middle class, security policies have been intensified and, particularly, technical security measures have been massively expanded for several years. This progress influences and limits everyday action patterns of the urban population increasingly, and changes communicative and social structures and processes in local urban space intensively. Referring to the discussion of geographical urban and security studies, it is the main purpose of the project to study daily security-oriented actions, at the microscale level of households, neighbourhoods and districts of the urban middle class in the municipality of São Paulo (Brazil), and to understand their interplay with public and private security policies Therefore, it will be interface a human geographical perspective both with actor-oriented as well as praxeological approaches.

Funding: DFG 2012-2015

Head of Project: Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn

Research Assistent: Dipl.-Geogr. Dominik Haubrich

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