Urban and Population Geography working group

Erasmus incoming

Dear ERASMUS students,

if you are interested in studying at the Department of Geography of the CAU Kiel you will find every useful and necessary information about our university, our department and its study system here. Furthermore, we will provide you with information about living in Kiel apart from your studies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

CAU University

The Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel was founded in 1665. Today, it has eight faculties with 111 different courses of studies and about 23,000 students.
The CAU participates in various international co-operations. There are about 2,000 foreign students as well as appr. 500 foreign scientists at the university.
For further information about the university please check the official homepage of the CAU Kiel.

The International center of the CAU Kiel is responsible for the coordination of most of the international partnerships and co-operations as well as for the admission of international students. Moreover it supports the international students and scientists during their stay at the CAU.

Further information:

Online brochure "Studying in Schleswig-Holstein" of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein

A map of the university campus (all the university's buildings, facilities, etc.)

Important dates

Studying at the Department

Important: After you have successfully applied at the Department of Geography of the CAU please get in touch with Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn via e-mail. Moreover, in the first week of the semester you need to visit the office hour of Prof Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn.

The offered courses are listed in the lecture directory of the UnivIS-System of the CAU. If you have to choose courses in advance for your Transcript of Records you can change the semester to your respective one on the top right-hand corner of the page.

UNIVIS (Courses of the Geography Department in Summer Semestre 2016)

After the summerterm 2007 the bachelor/master system replaced the old degrees due to the Bologna-process. For each successfully completed course you get the respective amount of ECTS-points.

A first year student has to attend two introductory lectures (one physical and one human geography) in the two first semesters, each one with an accompanying seminar. Additionally there are different methodical courses. This introduction is followed by the main study period, either with a focus on physical or on human geography.

The following types of courses are offered for the main study period:

  • Lecture (Vorlesung), connected to a respective advanced seminar or a regional lecture (a specific geographical region being the focus); 2 hs / week.
  • Advanced Seminar (Hauptseminar) with a specific geographical topic; usually 2 hs / week or in form of a compact course (e.g. on one weekend or a few different days).
  • Practical Course (Übung), different methodologies; usually in form of a compact course.
  • Study Project (Studienprojekt) with a specific topic using advanced empirical methodologies for one or two semesters.
  • Small and big field trips (große und kleine Exkursionen): the big field trip includes a preparatory seminar (compact seminar).


Application for courses: The application for the courses takes place at the department during the first week of the semester (please remember the semester dates). The study course coordinator  Dr. Gunnar Maus, Room 212, is in charge of the application process. Please check his office hours on the webpage and watch out for short term notices at his door or on the blackboard on the 2nd floor.


Professor in charge of the ERASMUS-program of the Department of Geography: Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn

For any general kind of question concerning studying geography in Kiel please contact the student assistents of Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn:

Ole Lundt
Nils Schmale
Juliane Kasten

If you have more general questions concerning studying at the CAU Kiel, the International Center will be glad to help you.