Urban and Population Geography working group


Overview of the international cooperation of the working group, information on the participation of the geographical institute in the ERASMUS exchange program and the Brazil exchange.


By clicking on outgoing you will find an overview for a stay abroad for students of the geographical institute.
Incoming provides information in english for ERASMUS students interested in studying abroad in Kiel.



Brazil Exchange Unibral

UNIBRAL II: German-Brazilian university cooperation between the Departments of Geography of the Universities Kiel and Recife

Since 2012 the Departments of Geography ("Geographischen Instituts der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel" and "Departamento de Geografia der Universidade Federal de Pernambuco" (UFPE)) from Kiel and Recife have been cooperating in order to allow their students to study abroad.

Anticipatig the final approval by the DAAD, more students will most likely recive the opportunity of funding in March 2014. The program includes a full scholarship (900,- euros per month) and a full refund of travel expenses. Annualy, three students of the geography-bachelor program in Kiel will recive scholarship in 2014 and 2015.

From 2014 onwards, it will be possible to recive a double-bachelor-degree for those who spent at least two semesters at the UFPE. This means, students will have a B.Sc in geography from the CAU Kiel, as well as a bachelor-degree in geography form the UFPE/Recife.

  • application deadline for 2014: 16th of December 2013 for the periode March till December 2014 (10 month).

Selection criteria: previous academic achievements, language skills, letter of motivation and other skills and experiences.

Further information on the 26th of November during the information event

or from Rainer Wehrhahn, wehrhahn@geographie.uni-kiel.de

or Florian Dünckmann, duenckmann@geographie.uni-kiel.de.