Urban and Population Geography working group

Flooding in Bangkok: Vulnerability and Adaption in a Social Context

Bangkok Metropolitan Region is subject to periodical and severe flooding triggered by a combination of heavy precipitation and run-off, sea level rise, land subsidence and urban land use in former wetland areas. Furthermore the region is characterized by social and economic inequalities and weak institutions on different spatial levels with respect to flood management, which lead to various types and degrees of vulnerabilities. Against this background, the dissertation project aims at identifying and analyzing social, economic and political factors that determine the vulnerability of households in selected study areas in greater Bangkok. The study areas are the stream island Koh Kred and the inner-city slum Ratchapa-Tubtim-Ruamjai. Subsequently concrete adaptation strategies on the local level but also top-down measures on higher levels are emphasized. Here, the influencing structural conditions, i.e. governance and institutions, are taken into account. The project is based on a qualitative approach consisting of individual interviews and focus groups.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter:Dipl.-Geogr. Frederick Massmann

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Analysis if Informal Dynamics in Mega Urban Areas - Based on Spatial Structure and Steering Mechanisms Focused on Water in the Pearl River Delta

Transnational migration: Ecuadorians between home, Germany and Spain

Research Assistent: Dr. Ina v. Schlichting

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Sociodemographic Change in Germany

Our research focuses on the implications of the socio-demographic change in cities and regions in Germany. Our completed resarch projects dealt with Lifestyles and inner-city living, new types of residential arrangements for elderly people, infrastructure adaption for supporting regional und local development and migration and integration as chance and challange for urban development policy.

Research Assistents: Dr. Marco Schmidt und Dr. Katrin Sandfuchs

Raumwirksamkeit von soziodemographischen Prozessen in der Stadt (Dissertation Marco Schmidt),
Kieler Arbeitspapiere zur Landeskunde und Raumplanung, 51, 2010.

Soziodemographischer Wandel und neue Wohnungsmärkte (Dissertation Katrin Sandfuchs);
Kieler Geographische Schriften 120, 2009.
"Stadt, Land, Flucht" in Unizeit (07/09)

City expansion through large-scale projects: Actors, Interests and Strategies in Santiago de Chile

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Research Assistent: Dr. Michael Lukas

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