Urban and Population Geography working group

Curriculum Vitae

since 04.2018   University Professor at the University of Vienna, Institute of Geography and Regional Research
2002-2018   Head of Environment, Planning and Construction of the Hannover Region; 2002 Elected First Regional Council of the Hannover Region (General Representative of the President of the Region)
1998   Appointment as Honorary Professor at the University of Kiel
1996-2001   Head of the Planning and Local Recreation Department at the Municipal Association for the Greater Hanover Area
1995   Appointment as Full Member of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning
1994-1995   Berlin Head of the Joint Office of the Joint State Planning Berlin/Brandenburg
1991-1994   Head of the Department "Spatial Planning and Regional Planning, Urban and Regional Contact Point" at the Senator for Environmental Protection and Urban Development of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen; Member of the Main Committee of the Ministerial Conference for Regional Planning
1990/91   DFG scholarship holder at the University of Copenhagen (research project: Revitalisation of inner-city harbor wastelands in Northern European cities) with teaching assignment at the Geographic Institute
1989-1990   Research Assistant at the University of Kiel
1989   Doctorate at the University of Kiel (dissertation topic: Village-related politics and planning in Denmark under changing social conditions)
1986-1989   Research Assistant at the PH Flensburg
1984-1986   Regional planner for the district of Verden
1983   Research assistant at the Institute of Geography of the University of Kiel
1977-1983   Studied geography at the University of Kiel, minor subjects sociology as well as administrative and spatial planning law, diploma 1983 (diploma thesis on the planning process of a road ring around Hamburg)
1956   Born in Hamburg, Germany