Urban and Population Geography working group

Welcome to the website of the working group urban and population geography

Within human geography our main focus is on

  • social urban geography, urban governance and urban politics
  • migration studies and socio-demographic change
  • man-environment studies in the global South (main area Latin America)

Depending on the foci of our research projects, we use a variety of approaches ranging from critical urban theory, practice theory, actor- and network-theory to postcolonial studies.

As part of our teaching program we offer courses about urban, population and social geography, as well as empirical social studies. Additionally, we arrange regular fieldtrips to Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Our research projects and partners are mainly situated in Europe and Latin America, as well as in Algeria, Thailand and China (see: Research and International). Information about our teaching cooperation with Brazil (Double Degree Bachelor) can be found here.

Belem (Photo: Belém; © Verena Sandner Le Gall)