Urban and Population Geography working group

Urban Dynamics: Global Perspectives for a Socio-cultural Urban Management

  Currently, Europe’s urban societies are confronted by massive challenges: economic crises have increased the risk of social dislocation; and political and economic factors have given rise to increasing migratory movements that are generating heterogeneous spaces. In order to prepare graduates for these challenges, the Strategic Partnership „Urban Dynamics“ aims to provide proper formation in the field of socio-cultural urban management. In order to realize its goals, the project team of Kiel University established an interdisciplinary and transnational network. Besides two further European partners – Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and Université Paris 8 –, the Latin American Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires and Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Recife form part of the network. Several learning activities will support students’ international mobility and enable free access to innovative, validatable education materials. The students of the five partner universities will elaborate joint case studies by means of a blended-learning platform. A summer school and a concluding start-up academy will serve to move forward international networking of urban social entrepreneurship. Internships abroad are part of the curriculum, too.

Homepage des Projekts: http://www.urbandynamics.eu/

Project webpage: http://www.urbandynamics.eu/

International Meetings
International Symposium March 2016,
Kiel Workshop: „Spaces of/for Urban Cultures“, May 2016,
Santiago (de Compostela) Workshop: „Creative Urban Politics“, 27 March - 1 April 2017

Case Studies:
  Refugee Movements to Europe: Regulation, Distribution, Accommodation? Dipl.-Geogr. Zine-Eddine Hathat, 
  Learning from alternative Spaces? M. Sc. Michael Helten
UD Internship 2016-17

EU Erasmus+ 2015-2017

Prof. Dr. Javier Gómez-Montero, Prof. Dr. Rainer Wehrhahn, Project Manager: Dr. Victor A. Ferretti, Dipl.-Geogr. Zine-Eddine Hathat and Dr. Corinna Hölzl