Urban and Population Geography working group


Taught Courses in English in Summer Term 2018

  • Socio-Environmental Conflicts/Conservation Conflicts (Exercise Course) (SSE-Master)


Taught Courses in German in Summer Term 2018

  • Humangeographie II (Seminar) (Bachelor)
  • Humangeographie II (Fieldtrip) (Bachelor)
  • Studienprojekt: Soziale Ungleichheiten in Kiel (Case Study) (Bachelor)
  • Theorien und Konzepte der Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung: Kritische Perspektiven auf nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung (Exercise Course) (SRE-Master)


Taught Courses in English in Winter Term 2017/18

  • Urban Conflicts and Governance (Seminar) (SSE & EM Master)
  • Social Research Methods (Exercise Course) (SSE & EM Master)
  • Socio-Environmental Conflicts and Local Approaches for Sustainability (Exercise Course) (SSE-Master)


Taught Courses in German in Winter Term 2017/18

  • Human Geography I (Seminar) (Bachelor)
  • Qualitative Social Research Methods (Exercise Course) (Master)
  • Critical Geographies of Development (Lecture) (Bachelor)
  • Critical Geographies of Development: Society-nature relations and social justice (Seminar) (Bachelor)
  • Food Geographies (Project) (Bachelor)